Collective and its collective

Behind each project hides a specially composed team. So we guarantee the perfect combination of the right expertise and remain true to the collective spirit of the partnership.

// Varun

Varun, as managing director of the concept and strategy, is a man of many words, who insistently provide an insight into his world of ideas and never lose the big picture.

// Lena

Brands communicate – with Lena. She is the linchpin for brand building and the image of a strong brand. Brand appearances will be experienced with Lena!

// Marvin

When it comes to the feasibility of concept ideas, Marvin is not so quick to fool, thanks to his 9 years in the field of live communication. Due to his engineering skills, he is responsible for the profitability of the company.

// Heiko

This text was not written by Heiko! #sorryheiko He is our grammatical genius when it comes to textual outpourings. Class boy, really. With his choice of words, he makes readers‘ hearts melt.

// Fabian

Content is King! Then Fabian is our emperor. Whenever an Instagram story pops up – he knows them all! As an interior designer and fashion blogger, there is only one description for him: „en vogue“.

// Filippo

The only „bearded“ of this agency is not only great in hair growth, but moves the pixels like no other! For him, graphical customer wishes are no rocket science and his creative streak flows in each of our concepts.

// 27km
// M.P.A.
// Eindruck
// Sommer
// PP
// Pellybay