Who we are

We see ourselves as a coreagency which is not only limited to conceptional creativity. Our focus is the red thread  towards realisation within our ideas. Here comes an excellent network of great partners in the game. At that time it was called fullservice, we call it coreagency.

What we want

Advertising with sense, mind and understanding. We do not want projects to be recycled, we want to build new brand worlds. We want to get to know and understand  your target groups – analysis is the keyword! In partnership, we follow the common thread from concept to implementation.

Where we come from

Two heads from two different departments make up a total package. From live communication to seafaring, the balanced cooperation of creativity and profitability begins here. With over 10 years of operational experience no sayings are tapped, they are kept.

young // talented // curious
The minds behind Mertes & Olschewski
Conception // Varun

Varun, as managing director of the conception and strategy, is a man of many words, which insistently allow the insight into his world of thoughts and never lose the big picture.

Finance// Marvin

When it comes to implementing concept ideas, With over 10 years of live communication experience, Marvin isn’t so easy to fool. Thanks to his engineering, he is responsible for the profitability in the company and manages the project budgets like no other.

Brand strategy // Lena

Brands communicate – with Lena. She is the linchpin for brand building and the image of strong brands. Thanks to her, brand presentations can be experienced and targeted!